Aligning you and your suppliers on sustainability reporting

 The Sustainability Tool is a central hub for all your sustainability reporting and management needs. Define your KPIs, assign reporting responsibilities and visualise performance on a single platform.

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Smart dashboards

Get a head start on ESG reporting with expert tools and support


Structure and hierarchy

Mimic your complex business, projects and supply chain relationships in a simple way​


Customised KPIs

Measure meaningful information aligned to your organisation’s values and project needs​


Decentralised reporting

Distribute reporting  requirements to colleagues and suppliers


Simple data entry

Easy-to-use web interface and email notifications to remind colleagues and suppliers of reporting deadlines​


Tailored reporting packages

Configure reporting metrics and frequency for each stakeholder

Get a head start on sustainability reporting with expert tools and support

Our dedicated consultants will accompany you to define your sustainability strategy and translate it into measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With professional templates and hundreds of example KPIs, we’ll help you to customise reporting throughout your business and supply chain to best fit your strategy.

The tool is designed to mimic your organisation, projects, and supply chain, enabling you to effectively distribute reporting responsibilities amongst stakeholders. With an eye on your KPIs, determine which metrics should be reported by each stakeholder, depending on their role within your projects or supply chain. Then set performance targets for individual suppliers, internal teams, projects and business units.

Once reporting is under way, access data in real-time through smart dashboards that highlight sustainability indicators in red, amber or green (RAG) to reflect performance against targets. Measure your performance every step of the way and intervene in real-time to ensure your entire value-chain hits their targets. 


Mapped capabilities

Upload CSV spreadsheets to generate interactive maps of your impacts, projects and supply chain


Streamlined reporting

Integrate your data from internal reporting systems through our Application Programming Interface (API) to automate reporting​


Social value monetisation

Apply robust and standardised financial proxies to monetise social benefits and dis-benefits generated through your activities


Alignment with frameworks

Flexibility of customisation and alignment with reporting frameworks and indices​


Tracked reporting

Identify overdue reports and schedule automated email reminders


Robust reporting methods

Assign data approvers to sense-check information and enable reporters to attach evidence documentation