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COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Incentivising Sustainability Performance

Bouygues Energy and Service provides Facility Management, Consulting and Infrastructure services across 80 countries, with a core platform in Europe. Committed to delivering environmentally responsible projects, Bouygues places an emphasis on rationalizing and reducing energy consumption in buildings and network infrastructure. The implementation of the Sustainability Tool enables Bouygues to measure sustainability performance across all of its offices and client sites in the UK. This approach goes hand in hand with its strategic mission to build sustainable working environments.


The Sustainability Tool is used by Bouygues internally to report and manage performance across five high-priority sustainability issues. The Tool enables Bouygues to collect a great breadth of data at a granular level, beyond baseline waste and carbon reporting. This detail provides the organisation with a more holistic view of its sustainability impact areas, covering a wide range of metrics that Bouygues relies upon to manage its value chain. Further to this, the Tool facilitates the collection of performance data at regular intervals, which in turn has increased accuracy and limited the risk of data fragmentation.

As an organisation with a clearly defined sustainability strategy and key performance indicators, Bouygues has implemented and rolled out the Tool autonomously across their sites and contracts, placing sustainability at the forefront of their workforce’s priorities.