Benchmarking sustainability in the UK rail industry

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Creating Industry Benchmarks

RSSB is an independent body working across the whole rail network to make the GB railway system safer and more sustainable. Committed to supporting the industry in achieving its efficiency, safety and sustainability standards, RSSB implemented the tool in 2019 to monitor the environmental performance of the UK train operating companies (TOCs). Currently, each TOC provides an annual report on their environmental performance with a 4-weekly and monthly breakdown on different performance areas.


Currently in its initial phase, the Sustainability tool provides RRSB with a simplified and automated reporting methodology for large environmental datasets as opposed to excel spreadsheets. Moreover, it has offered a more standardized approach to environmental management which has facilitated collaboration among industry members.

Conscious of our client’s requirements we are now working on customized features that will allow RRSB maximize the benefits of using the tool and meet their environmental strategy. This includes adding a pdf export functionality that will allow the TOCs to draw out a pre-populated report on environmental performance in a format that matches the reporting requirements of The Department for Transport.