Redefining the carbon conversation

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Climate Action Group

The Climate Action Group (CAG) is a collaboration of proactive businesses and their suppliers run through the Supply Chain Sustainability School, created with the aim of meeting ambitious science-based targets and working towards net zero. Suppliers report their carbon performance through the Carbon Tool, an online platform, to drive a reduction in carbon emissions from their organisation and their value chain through the products, works and services procured.

Managing Performance

Partners that sit on the CAG and their suppliers have free access to the Carbon Tool. Suppliers can report the use of fossil fuels, energy and materials used in their production activities. The Tool calculates their carbon emissions and performance based on the reported data, and these emissions are apportioned to partners based on financial turnover. We work with partners and their suppliers to identify key carbon producing activities and explore ways that these can be managed. The Carbon Tool enables partners to monitor carbon across their supply chains through one source of truth, in an automated and robust process.

The education and upskilling of supply chains is facilitated by the Supply Chain School, which provides training and other learning support on climate change, carbon and data reporting to help partners and suppliers contribute to reducing their carbon emissions.


197 members (partners and suppliers) and counting are benefitting from being a part of the CAG. Partners are engaging their supply chain with the same common goal. Suppliers are reducing the cost associated with collecting and analysing carbon data, meeting client expectations on carbon performance, can provide better responses to bid questions on their actions to reduce carbon, and are identifying priorities to improve their resource efficiency.

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